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A great opportunity at the right location

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Site Features

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Site Features


  • 1,113 acres currently owned by the Development Authority of Peach County

  • Topography is extremely flat and minimizes cost and time of development (1 foot contour topographic map available)

  • Site development does not require any environmental impacts (cultural resources, threatened and endangered species, wetland deliniation, environment site assessment has been completed)

  • Site provides for “off-road” test track and conservation area

  • Latitude/Longitude 32.566902, -83.849207


Water Treatment facility 


  • The Middle Georgia Megasite offers customer choice pricing (competative rate structures) from three separate electric providers.  Georgia Power, Flint Engergies, and the Fort Valley Utility Commission have studied the existing infrastructure and are capable of serving loads in excess of 200 mega watts.  Existing 115 kv lines onsite and 230 kv lines within four miles of the site provide exceptional speed to market and flexibility in capacity building.

Natural Gas


Water shall be served by The Fort Valley Utility Commission. The site is currently served by a 12" water main at 70 psi and has the capacity to provide over 2 MGD.  Middle Georgia has access to the Cretaceous Aquifer System, a highly productive water source that currently provides over 160 MGD for public supply.  The site may provide additional wells with access to 6 MGD of additional water supply within 24 months.

Waste Water

The Fort Valley Utility Commission's waste water treatment plant located just off site has the capacity to receive 1 MGD of waste water.  Preliminary design work is in progress for a waste water treatment facility expansion that may provide up to 6 MGD per day of additional capacity.  The project is estimated at 36-months to install.

Transportation Rail

The site is framed by two miles of Norfolk Southern Class I rail on the north and a half mile of rail line on the west creating multiple access and design possibilities for loading cars. Cordele Intermodal Services, Inc., is located 46 miles south of the site along Interstate 75.

Highway Transportation 

The Middle Georgia Mega Site is located five miles west of Interstate 75, with 2.5 miles of frontage along GA Hwy 96. The site is accessible by five exits along Interstate 75 that are all less than 12 miles from the site. Upon completion, the site is capable of providing four-lane Hwy access around the perimeter of the 2,400 acre site.

  • 2.5 miles of frontage on GA Hwy 96 (to provide four lane access from Interstate 16 to Interstate 75)

  • 0.5 miles to GA Hwy 49 (Fall Line Freeway)

  • 4.9 miles to Interstate 75 via Hwy 96 East (exit 142)

  • 5.9 miles to Interstate 75 via Hwy 49 North / Hwy 247 Conn. (exit 146)

  • 7.5 miles to Interstate 75 via Hwy 49 North (exit 149)

  • 34.3 miles to Interstate 16 via Hwy 96 (east) (41 minutes)

  • 71.2 miles to Interstate 85 via Hwy 96 (west) (1 hour, 16 minutes)

  • Multiple site access points for facilitation of employee and transport traffic

Sea Transportation 

The Port of Savannah and Brunswick can easily be reached in less than 5 hours by rail as they are only 171 and 188 miles to the east respectively.

Air Transportation

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is only 76 miles from downtown Macon. Interstate travel from the Middle Georgia Mega Site to the terminal is only an hour and a half away.

  • 98 miles (1 hour 26 minutes) Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

    • 76 miles (1 hour 12 minutes) from Downtown Macon to ATL

    • Hourly shuttle service from site to ATL via Groom Transportation; I-75, Exit #146 at Russell Parkway (8.4 miles)

    • Groome Website and Schedule

  • 20 miles (23 minutes) Middle Georgia Regional Airport

    • 24 departures/arrivals per week to Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI). General aviation as well.

    • Potential to add daily flights to (ATL)

  • 7 miles (10 minutes) Perry-Houston County Airport 

    • 5,000 foot runway with plans to extend to 6,000 feet

    • The airport’s present terminal building has ample facilities for pilots, meetings and flight planning, with access to the pilot’s lounge and flight planning available 24 hours per day. Presently the facility, with its 5,000’ runway, is the base for 89 aircraft, with 66 public and corporate hangars.

    • A repair/maintenance facility and one flight school are housed at KPXE, with both aviation and jet fuel available 10 hours daily, and self-serve AvGas available 24/7.

Local Governmental Services

Fire Protection and Emergency Management Services

Peach County provides a level 4 ISO rating and is EMS Advanced Life Support rated. With over 20 fire stations (closest is 2 miles from site), Central Georgia is well equiped to provide exemplary protection and safety. Although we have the assets in place to serve, your safety is our number one priority in local governance and we look forward to working with you to provide onsite services for Fire and EMS.

  • Fire protection services are provided by The Peach County Fire Department (Primary), and The City of Fort Valley Fire Department (Secondary).  Additional assistance may be provided by The City of Warner Robins and The City of Perry Fire Departments.

    • Peach County Fire Department Website

      • Over 20 Fire Stations within 10 mile radius

      • 13 tanker / service trucks; seven engines; 3 aerials (55' Ladder, one 85" Snorkle and one 75' Ladder); 2 air and light support trucks, 4 brush/quick response trucks, a haz-mat initial response trailer, a search and rescue boat and a mobile command center

    • Peach County Fire Department – ISO Fire Rating is Class 4 county-wide; EMS is AdvancedLife Support (ALS) rated

    • Fire suppression; rescue; extrication; hazmat; urban search and rescue; medical first response (EMR); confined space rescue

  • Safety provided by Peach County Sheriff Department and City of Fort Valley Police Department

    • Peach County Sheriffs Department

    • Sheriff Deese has been recognized by his peers by being elected president of the Georgia Sheriff's Association (2017-2018) and was chosen as Georgia Sheriffs’ Association Sheriff of the Year in 2017.

Central Georgia is a well-known leader in Health Care Services. With eleven hospitals in a forty five minute drive time led by Atrium Health Navicent Medical Center in Macon (1,000 beds), Piedmont Macon Medical Center (310 beds), and Houston Health Center (282 beds), Central Georgia provides award winning service to the State of Georgia. The Atrium Health Navicent Peach Medical Center in Peach County is the closest facility to the site (9 miles) with the ability to serve any emergency needs. This facility provides 25 beds, 14 emergency rooms, 2 trauma centers, and a helipad for emergency transport.

  • 9 miles (12 minutes) to Atrium Health Navicent Peach

    • 14 emergency rooms / 2 trauma rooms

  • 16 miles (23 minutes) to Houston Medical Center

    • Serving over 300,000 patience per year with 282 beds available

  • 27 miles (28 minutes) to Atrium Health Navicent Medical Center in Macon.

    • Atrium Health Navicent Medical Center (Macon) has more than 1,000 beds for medical, surgical, rehabilitation and hospice purposes, offers over 53 specialties in more than 50 facilities throughout the region and hosts over 100 medical residents and fellows. 

    • This is one of Georgia's four nationally verified Level I Trauma Centers* where patients receive the most comprehensive and all-inclusive care for their injuries.  Georgia's four Level I trauma centers are Grady Memorial Hospital (Atlanta); Atrium Health Navicent Medical Center (Macon); Medical College of Georgia Hospitals and Clinics (Augusta); and, Memorial Health University Medical Center (Savannah).

    • A Level I Trauma Center* is the highest level of trauma center designation and offers the most comprehensive trauma care, from prevention through rehabilitation. Level I facilities also have the major responsibility of leading in trauma education, research and planning. American College of Surgeons Verified Trauma Center.

  • 31 miles (30 minutes) Piedmont Macon Medical Center

    • Piedmont Medical Center is a 310 bed facility offering a 24-hour emergency room, inpatient and outpatient surgery options, rehabilitation programs, behavioral health and diagnostic services.

  • 11 Hospitals located within a 45 minute drive time from Middle Georgia Mega Site 

*A Level III Trauma Facility provides trauma assessment, resuscitation, emergency surgery, stabilization and if needed, transfer of patients requiring more definitive care to Level I or II centers. Well-trained emergency department physicians and general surgeons are required.

Urgent Care Facilities within 20 minutes of MegaSite

Specialty Practices / Healthcare Facilities within 20 miles of MegaSite

Ambulance & Medical Transport Services in Middle Georgia

  • Peach EMS

  • Medical Center of Peach County

  • P.A.L.M.S. Medical Transport

  • Community Ambulance

  • Coast to Coast Medical Transportation, Inc.

  • Mid Georgia Ambulance - Post 1

  • Southeast Ambulance Services

  • Ace Medical Transport

  • Agape Medical Transport

  • ATS Ambulance Services

  • MedPro EMS Ambulance Service

  • From The Heart Medical Transportation

  • Veterans Medical Transport & EMS

  • Perry: Air Evac EMS, Inc., which operates Air Evac Lifeteam, is the leading air medical service in the United States, conducting its operations through more than 140 mutually supporting air medical bases across 15 states. The company has established itself as the preeminent provider of air ambulance services to communities in need of advanced emergency health care and rapid medical transport. Air Evac Lifeteam is part of the Global Medical Response family of companies. Global Medical Response, Inc., is the industry-leading air, ground, specialty and residential fire services and managed medical transportation organization. 

  • Houston Healthcare EMS is a not-for-profit division of Houston Healthcare, administered through Houston Healthcare System.

  • Houston County EMS:  Each year, our men and women respond to over 15,000 requests for emergency service for Houston County 24 hours a day/seven days a week. In addition, we also provide non-emergency transportation and stand-by services within Middle Georgia. Striving to present outstanding support and medical care to the residents of our communities, Houston Healthcare EMS employs over 70 professional and highly trained Paramedics and EMT's that are dedicated to providing the most advanced care to the community we serve.

With five ambulance stations located throughout Houston County, including Robins Air Force Base, Houston Healthcare EMS is capable of reaching most any destination in Houston County within minutes. We also provide service to other areas of the state on a mutual aid basis. Our ambulance fleet of 10 ambulances receives careful attention, kept in top running condition and fully equipped in anticipation of the next call. We have incorporated a rigorous vehicle replacement schedule to assure that our vehicles are up-to-date.


54,809 Total K-12 Public School Enrollment

3,581 Total Private School Enrollment 

School System School Improvement Plans

  • Peach County:

    • New Peach County High School: The new construction consists of approximately 194,000 sqft. The new High School opened for the start of the 2021/2022 school year.   Construction of Phase II of the new Peach County High School includes a sports complex that hosts baseball, softball, two soccer practice fields, parking, restrooms, concessions, and batting cages. Completed in May of 2022.  

      • Fort Valley Middle School Reroof: This project is complete. Complete tear off, insulation, decking, and membrane replacement. 

      • Byron Middle School Reroof:  Project completed. 

      • Renovation/remodeling of the old Peach County High School and the transition to the new Peach County School System’s Board of Education. Drawings finalized by the end of February of 2021. Construction almost complete. Both Fort Vally Middle School and Byron Middle School gym floors were refurbished in 2021 to include sanding, painting, striping, logos and finishing poly.                                      

  • Houston County

    • Since 2002, E-SPLOST funds have added a total of 1,916,344 square feet and 900 classrooms, in addition to renovation of more than 1,042,178 square feet of instructional space.  Since 2017, every school in the district has been improved.  

      • Built a new primary school; new competition gyms at four high schools; multipurpose athletic facility addition at Veterans High School; classroom addition at Northside High School and Veterans High School; auditorium renovations at Houston County High School, Northside High School, Perry High School and Warner Robins High School; renovated Perry High School’s Herb St. John Stadium; and Canning Plant renovation.

      • During the 2017-2022 E-SPLOST, safety has been enhanced, facility needs addressed, and improvements made in technology and transportation.

      • 190 Million to be spent over next 5 years for: building new middle school, two new elementary schools and a new Performing Arts Center.

  • Macon / Bibb County

    • On November 5, 2019, the voters of Bibb County approved a renewal of the Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (ESPLOST) by more than 75 percent to help continue making improvements to our school district for another 5 years from January 1, 2021.  This is the fifth ESPLOST campaign by the Bibb County School District, with previous campaigns in 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015. A study by the Georgia Tech Research Institute found that more than 70 percent of sales tax funds are collected from non-Bibb County residents.

      • Previous ESPLOST campaigns have allowed the District to fund new schools such as Heard Elementary, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, Northwoods Academy, Howard Middle and High, Southwest High, Ingram-Pye Elementary, Central High, Ballard-Hudson Middle, Bruce Elementary, Alexander II Magnet, Rutland Middle and High, Skyview Elementary, Vineville Academy, and more; facility improvements and upgrades; athletic improvements and upgrades; technology infrastructure improvements; security enhancements; and more. An overview of projects funded by ESPLOST campaigns is below.

        ESPLOST Goals: Although some are school-specific, the majority of the projects will involve and improve facilities and services district wide. More efficient buildings, facilities and vehicles mean reduced maintenance and operations costs.  Security improvements increase safety on our campuses.  State-of-the-art technology devices and software provide the tools needed for today's learning environments. All BCSD students will benefit.

College and Career Academies 

  • W.S. Hutchings College and Career Academy

    • Aircraft, Automotive, Audio Video Film, Banking Finance, Certified Warehouse Distribution, Construction, Cyber Security, Engineering, Graphic Design, Industrial Systems Technology, Welding

  • Houston County Career Academy

    • Aircraft Structural Technology, Automobile Maintenance, Engineering Technology Electronics, Information Technology, Industrial Maintenance

300 Licensed Child Care Facilities within 30 miles of Mega Site

  • Results based on search of Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

  • Child Care Search

Research Universities 

Four Year Educational Institutions 

Two Year Educational Institutions

  • Central Georgia Technical College

    • Programs of study

    • 8, 219  (2020)

    • Multiple campuses:Warner Robins Campus, Macon Campus, Milledgeville Campus, Crawford County Center, Hawkinsville WDC, Jones County Center, Monroe County Center, Peach County WDC, Putnam County Center, Twiggs County Center, VECTR Center

  • Central Georgia Technical College Training Programs

    • Programmable Logic Controls, Motor Controls, Lean / Six Sigma / 5S, Aircraft Maintenance, Electronic Circuits, Master’s Electrical License Prep, CPR, Basic Life Support, OSHA, Arc Flash Training, Lock-Out / Tag-Out, HazMat / HazCom, Powered Industrial Truck, CyperSAFE, Comp TIA A+, Network, Security+, Operations Management, Customer Service, Teamwork, Work Ethics, Peer to Leader

  • Georgia Military College (GMC) is one of America’s best public-independent junior colleges and is one of only five military junior colleges nationwide. GMC is one of the fastest growing and second largest two-year colleges in the state with more 6,000 students enrolled at six campuses across Georgia. GMC is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award 23 different associate degrees. Approximately 2,000 students are enrolled at the Warner Robins’s campus for GMC.

Other Educational Programs and Initiatives

  • Georgia VECTR Center

    • Georgia VECTR Center serves as a gateway for veterans’ re-entry into Georgia’s public postsecondary educational systems and workforce. The center was established by the state and is designed to serve veterans and their families through career counseling, educational coaching, workforce training, and more.

    • The VECTR Center provides unique, accelerated programs in high demand and strategic industries tailored to abbreviate the process of receiving post-secondary certificates and degrees by recognizing the extensive training veterans receive during their military service.

    • Through their on-site partners (Georgia Department of Veterans Service, Georgia Department of Labor, Department of Veterans Affairs and United Way/Mission United) they provide a one-stop-shop for veterans seeking benefits, educational opportunities, employment services and links to community resources.

    • Refrigeration Systems Components, HVACR Motors, Oxyfuel and Plasma Cutting, Flat Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Direct Current Circuits, Alternating Current Circuits, Electrical Prints / Schematics / Symbols, Commercial Wiring, Industrial Wiring Applications, Industrial Motors, Industrial Mechanics, Fluid Power Systems, Certified Ethical Hacker, Security A+

  • FireStarter FABlab

  • FireStarter FABLab is designed for custom digital fabrication and contains all the tools necessary to rapidly conceptualize, digitize, fabricate, and assemble a wide range of physical projects.

  • 7,000 square foot facility

  • CNC Machinery, Photopolymer 3D Printing, Fused Deposition 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Three Axis Machining, Vinyl and Film Cutting, 3D Scanning, Circuit Fabrication

  • WorkSource Georgia - Middle Georgia Workforce Development and WIOA

    • Middle Georgia Workforce Development is operated by the Middle Georgia Consortium Inc. (MGCI). 

    • The Consortium is governed by Local Elected Officials (LEO) Board and Workforce Development Board (WDB) for the ten counties served (Baldwin, Crawford, Houston, Jones, Monroe, Peach, Pulaski, Putnam, Twiggs and Wilkinson). The mission of the Consortium under the direction of the WDB is to develop and maintain partnerships that make employment resources accessible to job seekers and employers. They are committed to building a world-class workforce system designed to meet the needs of employers and the employment needs of Middle Georgians.

  • Peach Regional Workforce Development Center

  • Project Synergy

Best Life Work Force


Top 10 Largest Employers

 Recruiting and Hiring

Our partnership with The Middle Georgia Innovation Project will enhance opportunities for variety of employment opportunities for a Company and their spouses.  We have been preparing Central Georgia for growth and job demand for several years.  We are ready!  

Helping a Company to find the best and brightest workforce is a top priority. We pledge to take our recruitment assistance one step further and focus on the entire family unit.  A customized website for spouses and dependents of a Company will be developed providing access to job openings in Middle Georgia.  The service we will offer will be personalized to each individual with an opportunity to find jobs that fit their interests and skill sets and a pathway for accessing additional training and education if needed.  Coupled with the online platform will be a response team to offer more one-on-one counseling and guidance on needs from housing, to education to health care and beyond. Our goal is to make all feel "at home" as quickly as possible.

The economic developers across the 11-county region are members of a proactive group named the Middle Georgia Economic Alliance (MGEA.)  The group has been working together as a collaborative for the past 15 years. Workforce development has become a focus for their organization and organizations across the nation that are in the business of recruiting new companies and responding to the needs of existing companies in their communities. For this reason, the economic developers are working closely to enhance the relationships between their educational institutions and local industries to communicate the needs of employers and provide relevant career pathways for students. A regional job portal, MGEA Works, is available to assist employers and job seekers to better connect.

Helping Middle Georgians Find Employment

Temporary Space

The Central Georgia Team will collaborate to provide multiple options to serve the needs of a Company during the scale up process. Below are several properties that may be of interest to training, product development, and manufacturing.

  • Cumberland Western Campus - 290,000 square feet of professional office space and 1,500,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Located at the intersection of Interstate 16 and Interstate 75 in Macon. Approximately 34 miles from the Middle Georgia Mega Site.



  • Peach County High School Campus - this 200,000 square foot campus is complete with a 3,000 square foot auditorium, technology labs, mechanical labs and classroom space. Peach County is moving to a new facility near the Middle Georgia Mega Site in the fall of 2021.

Employee Relocation Assistance

The Central Georgia Team is committed to aligning our local relationships with residential lenders and real estate institutions to provide discounted rates and fees on behalf of the employees of a Company.  Upon approval from a Company, Central Georgia Leadership will work to negotiate with preferred lenders and real estate brokers on discounted services to assist in the relocation of employees.  Our goal would be to provide for the opportunity to receive reduced real estate commissions and lending fees for all employees relocating from outside of Central Georgia.   

Quality of Life in Middle Georgia

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Georgia National Parks

Georgia State Parks

48 Local Public Parks 



  • Tybee Island / Atlantic (3 hours 3 minutes)

  • Jekyll Island / Atlantic (3 hours 30 minutes)

  • Saint Simons / Atlantic (3 hours 30 minutes)

  • Hilton Head S.C. / Atlantic (3 hours 10 minutes)

  • Daytona Beach F.L. / Atlantic (5 hours)

  • Panama City Beach F.L. / Gulf of Mexico (4 hours 30 minutes)

  • Destin F.L. / Gulf of Mexico (4 hours 51 minutes0

  • Gulf Shores A.L. / Gulf of Mexico (5 hours 41 minutes)

  • Cocoa Beach F.L. (5 hours 51 minutes)

Lake Life


Rivers and Streams

Family Fun

Wedding & Special Event Venues

Dining Out (Local Establishments) (Ubereats, Doordash, Grubhub, Slice and ChowNow Services)

Dining Out (Franchise)

  • Longhorns

  • Outback

  • Cheddars

  • Olive Garden

  • Panera Bread

  • Atlanta Bread Company

  • Carraba’s

  • BoneFish

  • Texas Roadhouse

  • O'Charley's

  • and many more.

Brew Pubs

Night Life

From House to Home

Adventurous Thinkers

“Testimony is contingent on experience, that’s why we’re all free spirits”

Phil Collins

Our narrative on what makes Macon, Warner Robins & the entire Middle Georgia region attractive to talent and “adventurous thinkers”, comes not from our lips, but from those who have lived it and choose to call our community home.   

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