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One of the most reliable indicators of how productive an economic development team will be on your behalf is the depth of its partner network. To put it simply, exceptional relationships with the right people often make the difference between a fast track project and one that gets mired in the mud of bureaucracy. We can’t promise you similar results, but to our knowledge, the Development Authority of Peach County still holds the Georgia record for shortest time between initial property offering and final sale – and it was an enormous project.

Whenever possible, we enhance the personal power of relationships and expert counsel with bottom-line, data-driven assessments and projections. We are an official licensee of LOCI™, the gold standard in fiscal impact analysis software. LOCI is a nationally recognized, local government tool originally developed by our friends at the Georgia Institute of Technology. LOCI is designed to import your data for real-world views of company and community benefits and potential concerns. Ask us how LOCI can benefit your organization. We’ll be glad to get you up to speed quickly.



  • Georgia Department of Economic Development
  • Georgia Department of Community Affairs
  • Georgia Department of Labor
  • Economic Impact Group at Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Seyfarth Shaw LLP


Seyfarth Shaw LLP 


Dan McRae is a partner in the Atlanta office of Seyfarth Shaw LLP. He leads the team that handles financing and investing in projects. In the past, he has managed finance and investment transactions amounting to billions of dollars.

Known for his expertise in finance and incentives, Mr. McRae is frequently retained by companies or communities to help them obtain successful project locations.

Mr. McRae was the first attorney to be elected a director of the Georgia Economic Developers Association. He has helped members of Georgia’s general assembly draft economic development legislation that has become law in the state of Georgia.

As a member of the National Association of Bond Lawyers, Mr. McRae is listed in the “Red Book” directory of nationally recognized bond lawyers. He represents a number of public authorities that issue bonds in Georgia, and is one of few attorneys in Georgia to have closed a variety of synthetic lease and bondable lease financings. He is also active in such real estate industry associations as Corenet.

Mr. McRae publishes Quick Takes, a newsletter about economic development and finance. He is a faculty member for the University of Georgia’s Fanning Institute, which trains development authority board members. He has presented for the American Bar Association, the National Association of Bond Lawyers, the Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia, and various other colleges and universities. Mr. McRae is also active in the field of mergers and acquisitions and equity finance. He belongs to the Association for Corporate Growth, a professional association for the mergers and acquisitions industry. He is also a member of the American Bar Association’s Negotiated Acquisitions Committee, which has published a series of model acquisition documents and commentaries.



Georgia Institute of Technology - Center for Economic Development Research

Georgia Tech’s Center for Economic Development Research and their group of talented economic development professionals have the research and implementation experience needed to help economic developers, community leaders, and industries alike understand the opportunities and challenges in fostering local economic development.


Alfie Meek, Ph.D., is the Director of the Center for Economic Development Research (CEDR) with Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI²).

Dr. Meek has more than 20 years of experience in economic/fiscal impact analysis and community-based research. Before joining EI², Alfie served for nine years as the Chief Economist and Director of Economic Development for the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners. In that role, he was integral in the development and implementation of Partnership Gwinnett, a community-wide strategic plan that was named the best multi-year economic development program for large communities by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) in 2010. Before his time in Gwinnett County, he spent three years as the Director of Applied Research at The University of Georgia’s Business Outreach Services and Small Business Development Center, and served for five years on the faculty at the Georgia Institute of Technology as an economist and project director for the Center for Economic Development Services. Preceding his tenure at Georgia Tech, Alfie was the Research Economist for SunTrust Banks, Inc.

His current areas of special focus include economic/fiscal impact analysis, forecasting and modeling, work-force issues, tax policy analysis, and target industry analysis. In addition to his research, Dr. Meek speaks widely on topics relating to economic impact and economic development. Dr. Meek has also written for economic development-related publications, as well as other periodicals. His research on the size and economic impact of the sports industry in the United States was published in Sports Marketing Quarterly. This research has been written about and cited in numerous publications – USA Today, Georgia Trend, Financial Times London, Fortune Magazine, and Investor’s Business Daily among others.

Alfie is an active member of the National Association for Business Economics, and is past president of the Atlanta Economics Club. He holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia, a Master’s degree in Business Economics from Georgia State University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Georgia Institute of Technology.



Allen-Smith Consulting – Economic Development Efforts

Allen-Smith Consulting partners with local governments and Development Authorities in Georgia to assist in economic development efforts through grant writing and grant administration. Industries that are interested in located to a Georgia site are typically in need of various public infrastructure such as water, sewer, or a rail spur. Allen-Smith partners with clients to use federal or state money to offset the cost to the community of locating an industry to a site.



Patsy Allen, CEO at Allen-Smith Consulting, has over thirty four (34) years of experience in planning, grant writing & administration, funding procurement, community assessments, and program management. 

Allen has developed and prepared grant and loan applications for Economic Development, Water and Sewer Facilities, Senior Citizen Centers, Mentally and Physically Disabled Centers, Public Health Departments, Child Development,  Head Start Centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, Downtown Development Projects, Street Improvements, Drainage Improvements, Shelters, and  Sidewalk Improvements.

In Allen’s role at Allen-Smith Consulting, she is responsible for coordination with Allen-Smith Project Managers and Grant Managers, the client, the engineer/architect, contractor, and the state or federal agency to bring each project to a successful completion.  Allen started Allen-Smith Consulting with business partner, Debra Smith, in 1994 to serve clients as a grant writing and administration firm.



Debra Smith, President at Allen-Smith Consulting, has over thirty (30) years of experience in planning, grant writing & administration, funding procurement, community assessments, and program management. Smith started Allen-Smith Consulting, a grant writing and administration firm, in 1994 with Patsy Allen.

Smith has developed and prepared grant and loan applications for Economic Development and other various projects utilizing the following agencies: Georgia Department of Community Affairs, OneGeorgia Authority, Economic Development Administration, Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority, Rural Development, Georgia Department of Transportation, and Georgia Department of Natural Resources. 

Smith is well-versed in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, which include environmental, financial, citizen participation, fair housing, labor standards, and other project specific requirements.   

In Smith’s role at Allen-Smith Consulting, she is responsible for coordination with Allen-Smith Project Managers and Grant Managers, the client, the engineer/architect, contractor, and the state or federal agency to bring each project to a successful completion.


Allen-Smith Consulting Projects – Peach County / City of Fort Valley

2000 CDBG – Boys & Girls Club

The City of Fort Valley was awarded $500,000 to build a new Boys & Girls Club facility for 180 children in the City and Peach County.

2000 EIP – Sewer Improvements to serve Step 2, Inc.

The City of Fort Valley and Peach County jointly applied for EIP funds to provide a pump station, manholes, and a force main to serve Step 2, Inc. Step 2, Inc. was locating to the South Peach Industrial Park and produced quality plastic products for children, home, and garden. The project created 180 new jobs in Peach County.

2002 CDBG – Water and Sewer Improvements

Peach County received $500,000 to address failing septic tanks, by installing a new sanitary sewer system, and upgrading water lines in the Gano Target Area to serve 326 citizens.

2005 CDBG – Mental Health Facility

Peach County received a $500,000 grant award to construct a new building to serve 700 citizens at a Mental Health Facility.

2008 OneGeorgia Equity Loan – Equipment Purchase for Southern Perfection Fabrication Holdings, Inc.

The Development Authority of Peach County received OneGeorgia Equity loan funds on behalf of sub-recipient Southern Perfection Fabrication Holdings, Inc. in the City of Byron in Peach County.  With the OneGeorgia loan funds and private funds leveraged by the Hale family, Southern Perfection purchased a new laser system for the metal fabrication sector as well as additional equipment.  Southern Perfection created 30 jobs for Peach County in two years and has experienced exponential growth since then.

2012 CDBG – Sewer

Peach County was awarded $500,000 in FY2012 CDBG funds to provide sanitary sewer service to a low-to-moderate income Target Area in Southwest Peach County which suffered from failing septic tanks.

2012 OneGeorgia Equity and EIP – Regional Workforce Development Center (RWDC)

With the help of OneGeorgia Equity and EIP funds in the amount of $1,000,000, Peach County worked with the Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC) and the Development Authority of Peach County (DAPC) to construct a new 16,064 square foot Regional Workforce Development Center (RWDC) to provide job training and adult education to 500 students from Peach County and the surrounding region.

The RWDC now houses an industrial lab for transportation and diesel courses to support the RV and commercial truck driving industries; a Commercial Truck Driving classroom and truck driving range; an industrial arts classroom and lab for welding and metals fabrication; an Allied Health classroom; and several adult education classrooms, as well as offices, a testing room, study area, break room, and restrooms.  Additionally, the facility serves as a host site for literary training and for the dual-enrollment programs between CGTC and Peach County Schools.  


Georgia Department of Community Affairs - Region 6 

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) partners with communities to help advance, cultivate and build a climate of success for Georgia’s businesses and families.  The DCA works to stimulate economic development and growth by way of implementing various strategies and providing access to funding resources and utilizing a multitude of programs available.


Tonya Mole is the Region 6 Representative for the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) serving Middle Georgia. In this role, Tonya serves governments and citizens in the region by identifying state and federal resources for community and economic development; provides technical and educational assistance to enhance local and regional leadership capacity; and works with groups to encourage regional cooperation. Tonya has extensive experience in deal structuring and project financing. She works on-site to provide specialized service to each community. 

Tonya has been in the field of Economic Development for 14 years, beginning her career with the OneGeorgia Authority. She works with various regional partners including: the Middle Georgia Regional Commission, Georgia Power, Georgia EMC, Georgia Department of Economic Development, Georgia Department of Labor, and Central Georgia Technical College. From a policy perspective, economic development can be defined as efforts that seek to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for a community by creating and/or retaining jobs and supporting or growing incomes and the tax base. It is important to point out that Economic Development is that new or expanded small business, existing industry, workforce development initiative, housing development, beautification of Main Street communities, elimination of slum and blight, tourism, and of course that competitive location or expansion of a major industry.


Some of the programs where Tonya can provide technical assistance or more information include:


Georgia Department of Economic Development - Region 6

Expand a business in Georgia is made easier with the aid of Regional Project Managers put in place by the Georgia Department of Economic Development.  There are multiple free and comprehensive business expansion services provided by the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s regional project managers and they have been instrumental in helping in excess of 1000 Georgia businesses annually.


Candice Scott, Region 6 Project Manager, works with the Development Authority of Peach County on a number of major projects.  Some of the services she's been able to assist with include:




  • Site selection
  • New or available buildings search
  • Building layout and other industrial engineering services
  • Workforce recruiting
  • Labor training and retraining
  • Existing business contact programs
  • Export assistance
  • International trade missions
  • Export development strategies
  • Existing business council start up
  • Prospect package development
  • Supplier attraction strategies
  • Georgia tax credits and exemptions
  • Freeport exemption on inventories
  • Financing options
  • Utility availability and costs
  • Startup Booklet

Georgia Department of Labor - Region 6 

The Development Authority of Peach County relies heavily on reports produced by the Georgia Department of Labor when putting together RFIs for site selectors and businesses looking to locate or expand operations in Peach County.  In-depth, comprehensive and accurate data are crucial in determining labor resources in any community and we continue to work with the DOL for information related to workforce development and ways to imporve and train the labor pool in our county.

Aundrea Simmons, Regional Coordinator of Region 6 for the Georgia Department of Labor, places an emphasis on a more employer-driven service delivery by providing employers customized solutions to workforce issues.

As part of the team, she is able to provide insight on current area labor workforce trends and express the specific qualifications employers are seeking in qualified individuals. She brings over 12 years of experience working with dislocated workers, targeted industries, and students of the future workforce. She has a proven track record as a multi-talented professional who brings best business practices through her broad knowledge base of unemployment insurance, employment services, reemployment services, and is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer.


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