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Peach County Brochure 

  Middle Georgia Workforce Development Plan 2020-2024

  Georgia Leading the Way: The Logistics Workforce for the Future (uploaded 12/27/2021)

  Economic Overview Report: November 2021 (Covers Peach County, City of Byron and City of Fort Valley)

  MGEA Works Workforce Development Plan

  Job Growth: The Fastest Growing States & Counties in the U.S.

  Education Report - Agribusiness_Agricultural Business Operations

  Education Report - Agricultural Engineering

  Education Report - Automobile_Automotive Mechanics Technology_Technician

  Education Report - Health Information_Medical Records Administration_Administrator

  Education Report - Industrial Technology_Technician

  Education Report - Manufacturing Engineering Technology_Technician

  Education Report - Robotics Technology_Technician

  Labor Force Participation, Top Occupations & Projections; Job Postings by Sector; Jobs by County & Sector; Post Secondary Date; HS data and CTAE Overview (file automatically downloads)

  Detailed CTAE Data - Region 6 - December 2018 (file automatically downloads)

  Workers in ZCTA 31030 (Peach County, GA portion) and Where They Live - 2018 Q4

  Workforce Development Plan - revised and updated October 24, 2018 (most current version available as of January 2020)

  Workforce Development Plan 2016-2018

  Peach County Labor Profile

  State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates Georgia

  Georgia Employment & Wages: 2017 Averages

  Civilian Labor Force Estimates  (Georgia)

  Dimensions: Measuring Georgia's Workforce (Annual Report from the Georgia Department of Labor)

  Communting Patterns (Peach County MSA)

  Commuting Patterns (Warner Robins MSA)

  Civilian Labor Force Estimates (February 2018) (Regional - Middle Georgia Area)

  Fort Valley State University Ag Research Focus Area

  Emerging Technologies Center of Excellence - Fort Valley State University 


Peach County Brochure

  Summary of Peach County T-SPLOST Projects 2022

  Peach County ISP Service Areas (with roads).pdf (large file - takes a minute to populate on new page)

  Master Planning for Middle Georgia Intermodal Hub and Prospective Container Port - June 2019 (Revised October 2019) (DRAFT)

  Logistics Snapshot - August 2022

  Logistics Snapshot - April 2022

  Logistics Snapshot - March 2022

  Logistics Snapshot - February 2022

  Logistics Snapshot - January 2022

  Logistics Spotlight - State of Georgia (Road, Rail, Distribution, etc)

  Middle Georgia Freight And Logistics Study

  Logistics One-Pager 

  Georgia Ports Authority - Gateway to the World Brochure

  Georgia Ports Authority - Cordele Intermodal Port


Peach County Brochure

  2022 Peach County w/Cities Comprehensive Plan

  The 2021 Rankings for the Job Tax Credit Program

  Buyer Industry: Manufacturing (31) in Peach County, Georgia (November 2021)

  Q2 2021 US Industrial Market Overview - Transwestern

Peach County's Tourism Product Development Team Report - Georgia Department of Economic Development - Explore Georgia 

  Economic Overview (Peach County, City of Byron, City of Fort Valley)  November 2020

  Economic Overview (Peach County, City of Byron, City of Fort Valley)    October 2020

  Economic Overview - Georgia

  Economic Overview, Peach County, Georgia (as of December 2019)

  Economic Overview, Peach County, Georgia (as of May 2019)

  Economic Overview - Middle Georgia nonmetropolitan area (as of May 2019)

  Industry Snapshot (automatically downloads)

  Industry Snapshot (Image/Chart)

  Supply Chain Buyer  (automatically downloads)

  Supply Chain Capacity  (automatically downloads)

  Supply Chain Gap  (automatically downloads)

  Supply Chain Supplier  (automatically downloads)

  Georgia Retail Report Q1 2019

  ECG Roundtable Retail Review (March 26, 2019)

  ECG Retail-Commercial Roundtable (March 26, 2019)

  Investment in Federal Opportunity Zones (Slide presentation prepared by: Polsinelli)

  Federal Opportunity Zones Announced for Georgia

  Federal Opportunity Zone FAQ (Georgia Department of Community Affairs)

  FY 2017 Economic Development Impact Map

  FY 2018 Global Commerce Project Announcements (Includes TWO in Peach County!)

  Peach County Industry Mix Comparison 3rd Quarter of 2013 & 2018  - saved for historical data

  Peach Area Industry Mix Comparison 3rd Quarter of 2013 & 2018 - saved for historical data

  Peach County Economic Growth Infographic - saved for historical data

  #1 State For Business (Five Years in a Row!)

  Georgia Manufacturing Survey (GMS) - Needs, Practices and Performance in Georgia

  Georgia Ports Authority - Economic Impact Brochure

  Georgia Ports Authority - Economic Development Brochure


Peach County Brochure

  Commuting Patterns

  Middle Georgia Innovation Roadmap Report - August 12, 2021 (a compilation of findings from the third phase of the Middle Georgia Innovation Project)

  Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the Middle Georgia Economic Development District (The plan is updated every five years to meet the requirements of the U.S. Economic Development Administration for regional funding to support economic development projects, including public infrastructure improvements and economic adjustment planning.)

  Region 6 Economic Overview (11 counties in Region 6: Baldwin, Crawford, Jones, Peach, Putnam, Wilkinson, Houston, Monroe, Pulaski, Twiggs and Bibb; report pulled January 5, 2021)

  Middle Georgia Charrette & Regional Planning Initiative - Regional Action Plan - December 2018

  Middle Georgia Assett Mapping Summary Report (May & August 2018)

  Middle Georgia Charrette & Regional Planning Initiative 2018

  Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2017-2022

  Daytime Population And Commuter Info

  Middle Georgia Regional Comprehensive/Assessment Plan

  Peach County Comprehensive Plan   (click on the bookmark icon to select the version you wish to view)

  Peach County Demographics 

  Peach County Overview 

  Peach County Living Arrangements 

  Peach County Education 

  Union Membership (Overview - State by State Comparison) 

  Immunization requirements for schools in Georgia


Grants & Loans:

  Resource List (September 2022)

  Resource List (August 2022)

  Resource List (July 2022)

  Resource List (May 2022)

  Resource List (April 2022)

  Resource List (March 2022)

  Resource List (January 2022)

  Resource List (November 2021)

  Resource List (October 2021)

  Resource List (September 2021)

  Resource List (August 2021)

 Resource List (July 2021)

 Resource List (June 2021)

Resource List (May 2021)


Peach County Commercial Building Permit Fee Schedule, Millage Rates, Zoning Regulations, Code of Ordinances (and forms)

  Peach County Commercial Building Permit Fee Schedule

  Composite Conversion Factors - Page #161 of the Personal Property Instruction Manual   (Provided by: Peach County Tax Assessor's Office)

  Current: Millage Rates (Provided by: Peach County Tax Commissioner on January 11, 2022)

  Millage Rates (Provided by: Peach County Tax Commissioner) (Historical)

  Peach County Application for Rezoning


PEACH COUNTY, GA ZONING REGULATIONS (clicking the link will take you to the MuniCode Library where you can view the Comprehensive Land Development Resolution and related zoning regulations for Peach County)

PEACH COUNTY, GA CODE OF ORDINANCES (clicking the link will take you to the MuniCode Library where you can view the Code of Ordinances for Peach County)



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