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Information Technology

IT firms in Georgia are positioned to perform and grow quickly. Georgia’s skilled workforce and broadband infrastructure ensure superior staffing and reliable communications for businesses in IT-related fields. Financial incentives help entrepreneurs launch groundbreaking ideas. Access to qualified people and a robust fiber-optic network enables IT companies to expand.  GROW IT SWEETER WE GROW IT SWEETER

Information Technology in Georgia is BOOMING

  • 17,000 technology companies
  • $113.1 billion economic impact on Georgia
  • 5th-largest IT employment cluster in U.S. (200,000 high-tech professionals)

BENEFITS - Georgia’s tech firms rely on:

  • A talent pool from nationally ranked programs at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University.
  • Connectivity through 500,000 fiber-optic lines, including the country’s two largest fiber-optic trunk routes.
  • Resources such as the Center of Innovation for Information Technology that help Georgia companies develop and commercialize new products and technologies.

FIBER OPTICS - A robust and reliable fiber optic infrastructure gives that nano-second edge: 

  • Two of the country's largest fiber trunk lines (North/South and East/West) intersect in metro Atlanta, along with major research lines
  • 85% of households have broadband internet access
  • Ranked 5th in the nation for internet access by U.S. News & World Report 2021

Source: Georgia Department of Economic Development 

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