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Leadership Peach Program Class of 2022/2023

August 22, 2022
Peach Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Community Leadership Program is a leadership skills development program for emerging leaders in communities throughout the state – it is based on the 6th edition of the UGA Fanning Institute’s Community Leadership Program and has been customized to meet the needs of our community. The curriculum is divided into an opening retreat and five modules relevant to community leadership and includes a variety of activities for each session.  Each topic has a broad learning objective with specific goals. Fanning offers information that allows leaders to learn, understand, or clarify issues on a particular topic as well as apply what they have learned. The Leadership Peach Program will consist of six days of training, ranging in topics that are relevant and specific to Peach County.  

Click here for morning session overview.

Additionally, participants in the program will learn about key topics related to economic development efforts in Peach County.  They will meet and hear from current leaders from different agencies in Peach County, the State and some local partners to include representatives from:

  • Peach County Board of Commissioners
  • Peach County Tax Commission
  • Peach County Tax Assessor
  • Peach County Board of Equalization 
  • Development Authority of Peach County
  • Center for Economic Development Research at the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute
  • Georgia Department of Economic Development
  • Georgia Department of Community Affairs
  • Fort Valley State University
  • Central Georgia Technical College
  • Georgia Power
  • Fort Valley Utility Commission
  • Flint Energies
  • And more!

Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and engage with these representatives on a more focused, personal level, learn what they do and more importantly … why and how.   There is a tremendous need to make this information clear and available to our citizenry so they can understand what is going on behind the scenes. 

Another objective of the program is to create and encourage community pride and team spirit. 

There will be participants from diverse backgrounds and they’ll bring different perspectives to the table. 

The class will learn how to recognize and enhance their existing leadership skills, gain a better understanding of themselves and their role as future community leaders and help them take proactive roles in the community.

The expected result from the Program is a better, brighter sense of community, a stronger future leadership base and more informed citizens.  Ultimately, the goal is to develop champions who will carry the positive message and useful information into the community! 


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