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The list of companies working in Peach County is a Who’s Who of American business. 

  • World’s leading manufacturer of buses

  • Leader in global transportation and logistics

  • Leader in architectural building products

  • Business and military technology firms

  • Major traditional farm operations to include the largest peach and pecan grower in the U.S. 

  • Controlled environment agriculture giants  

  • Heavy and light manufacturing and assembly firms

The Development Authority of Peach County hopes you will join our list soon. More importantly, we hope you will be able to share extraordinary success stories like these.

Construction Specialties is a global corporation with locations in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. When they look to expand, they can have their choice of any community and any site they like. They chose Peach County, Georgia because we offered an unbeatable combination of benefits: A perfect building. The right workforce. Attractive costs and incentives. Easy proximity to Atlanta’s airport. But don’t take our word for it. Take it from our friends at Construction Specialties.

Under the Pure Flavor® brand, the company grows & markets an extensive variety of greenhouse tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, eggplant, and living lettuce that is grown in Canada, USA, and Mexico. Founded in 2003, Pure Flavor® has experienced significant growth year over year with its expanding product offering. With distribution centers strategically located in Leamington, ON, Detroit, MI, San Antonio, TX, and Peach County, GA, Pure Flavor® provides year-round availability of premium greenhouse grown vegetables.  This 75 acre Peach County greenhouse is the largest of its kind in the southeastern United States.  


Gottwals Books was founded in 2007 by Shane & Abbey Gottwals. Gottwals Books is a used and new book store carrying a wide range of genres for all age groups and interests. Since 2007, the original location in Warner Robins, Georgia has tripled in size and three other stores have opened in the Middle Georgia area. Gottwals Franchising, Inc. has developed the concept into a full franchise opportunity package. More details here.  

  • They host events featuring authors, prizes, giveaways and story times for kids

  • Gottwals has 17 locations nationwide, 13 of which are franchises under the name of Walls of Books

  • Last year they invested $800,000 in a new facility in Peach County, Georgia and at 45K s/f, increased their quality and quantity of books they can offer. Internet sales have increased >50% since moving into this new facility!

  • Gottwals has worked with the Development Authority of Peach County, the Peach Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Robins Regional Chamber, the cities of Byron and Perry and the Small Business Development Center.

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